March Pow In Whistler

March Pow In Whistler

Winter finally came to Whistler this past few weeks and 33MAG contributor Chris Ricci sent over this wicked little edit he whipped up with some buds.

Chris says:

After an entire off season of planning next winter’s pow adventures and filming missions, things just didn’t pan out the way we had hoped. The season started off slow but we clung to the hope of a massive snowfall to save the winter. Slowly but surely, February rolled around. With the forest floor still completely visible, we began to wonder if our ambitions of filming good times in the trees were going to be a complete write off. A couple weeks later, the skies clouded over and everything started coming together. Meters of snow fell transforming the town from spring into full blown winter in a matter of hours. After a couple shred days, the boys and I got our asses in check and started filming. We spent a day sledding in the backcountry and a few days filming the resort. Each day spent filming was challenging but extremely rewarding. In between dealing with high avalanche conditions, getting lost, broken sleds and hordes of snow- feinding people, we got a lot of good shots and had a great time. The end result was this video.

- Chris Ricci

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