Showcase Showdown Slopestyle Recap & Photo Gallery

Showcase Showdown Slopestyle Recap & Photo Gallery

Words by Brian Finestone - Photos by Brian Finestone & Russell Dalby/Monster Energy

The Showcase Showdown is the longest running snowboard event in Canada. In its 17th incarnation it received some upgrades with the addition of a second event dubbed the Showcase ShowUp (Slopestyle). With Big Air on the second day the whole shebang also got the World Snowboard Tour (TTR) Four Star designation. A convenient spot on the calendar puts the event right after the Burton US Open, which means the 2014 Tour winner (Max Parrot) has already been awarded so the points at the Showdown are the kickoff of the chase for 2015 snowboard supremacy.

The ShowUp course was a refreshing change from the bigger-is-better designs on the Tour, with smaller more tech jibs at the top and jumps (open every day in the Park) in the 45’ to 55’ range. It was more like sessioning WB with a crew than standing in line for a contest run. Jess Rich ran away with the woman’s top spot with solid riding while the open “men’s” amateur category was scooped by a mere tyke of 13, Sean Fitzsimons from Hood River OR. This grom is one to watch, pushing the post puberty contenders down the podium with corked 7s with man-style and a ridiculous 9 on the last jump. 

Pro Men saw a battle with a talent pool deeper than the Showdown has seen in the past 16 years. Top spot unsurprisingly went to Max Parrot, who has been on a podium steeling tear the entire season. Darcy Sharpe pushed Max hard with double corks and a much more tech rail section at the top of the course. Third place was well earned by Ryan Stassel who brought the Style with the most incredible Miller Flips on lock over the Nintendo Bullet Bill Bonk.

The action continues Saturday with the Showdown Big Air followed immediately by the Showcase ShowOff Rail Jam. The jump at the bottom of Whistler is a cool 55’ with nice looking pop that should have riders showcasing their bag of 9’s, 10’s, and 12’s. 

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