Coolest Granny : The Grandma Who Cooks Weed Edibles

Coolest Granny : The Grandma Who Cooks Weed Edibles

We love Munchies, Vice’s food channel. It has a ton of great web series and documentaries. If you love food and love an unconventional approach, you have to check it out.

We’ve already told you about Action Bronson’s show and this time around we want to share the first episode of their new show Bong Appetit.

First, props for that excellent name.
Second, awesome topic.

Yes, a show about weed infused food.

The first episode features Nonna Marijuana, a 91 y.o. grandma who runs a secret medical marijuana garden in California.

Not only she runs the place, but she is also a great cook, like most Italian grannies!

Cooking skills asides, Nonna Marijuana is one cool grandma. She is freaking funny and witty.

Seriously, can she be our grandmother?

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!