A quick peek at the Ottawa skate scene

A quick peek at the Ottawa skate scene

words and photos by Spencer Legebokoff

I was in Ottawa Ontario,-our nations capital, for a week, with the SEVEC exchange program, and saw many things.

Of course, I went to all the touristy monuments, visited The Parliment Buildings, and spent some time observing the culture of the city, but I also managed to see some of Ottawa's skate scene.

The day me and my billet went out to skate I saw a lot of unique skate spots, including pools, fountains, manny-pads, ledges, and crazy stairsets.
We took a few photos, and all was going well. Later in the week we went out again in the evening, to do some night skating, and I realized the skate scene had come alive. It seemed as if around every corner you would hear the sound of a skateboard rolling, followed by the pop of an ollie or fliptrick. Where skateboarders weren't visible, I would see grind marks on downrails, and I'd know that somebody had either skated that spot today, or will be later.

Some notable skate spots include: Stairsets/Rails at The Parliment Buildings, ledges, community pool, and stairsets at Sandy Hill Park, ledge at Rogers Arena, and Legacy Skatepark.

Ottawa is a clean city, with some upcoming semi-pro skaters such as Ryan Racine. The vibe there is amazing- very relaxed, and yet so much is going on. If you ever visit, don't forget to visit Top of The World, and Antique skateshops.

All around a great city to be in.


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