Party for a cause - B4BC 4 Megs

Party for a cause - B4BC 4 Megs

She was one of the original female shredders. She helped with the sky rocketing progress of women in snowboarding throughout the 90’s. Now she’s in need of our help.

Megan Pischke Pro snowboarder and Boarding for Breast Cancer ambassador has been diagnosed with breast cancer herself.  Pischke contributes to the organisation by leading retreats for survivors of the disease called ReTreat Yourself. B4BC also promotes a prevention through education approach.

Pischke started her love affair with boarding on Vancouver Island in the early 90’s. She quickly established herself as a halfpipe and bordercross competitive athlete. She slid into the big mountain riding world around ’98, the same year halfpipe entered the Olympics. In the video above one can see her all around snowboarding passion come together in this Warren Miller flick.

“I've known Megan for 20 years ... She's a special girl, a friend and my sister for life. Also an amazing snowboarder, so super fun to ride with... Fast, styley and shreds it all with power,” says Wes Makepeace a bit of a shred legend himself, also a performer at B4BC 4 Megs. “Megan also rides a high frequency in her life and I look up to that in her, a rare and admirable quality ... Full of light and love, always. I love hangin’ and shredding with her and David and her amazing kids Leigh and Reef too. Good people and I love them to the moon.”

B4BC 4 Megs will start with après at 3pm April 17th at Merlin’s Bar and Grill at the Blackcomb base and continue until 2am. $ 20 will get you a Kokanee, a raffle ticket, and good karma! You can also listen to the grit of Wes Makepeace’s vocals as well as music from Scott Sullivan, North Wescott and DJ Trouble Andrew with a special mystery guest. There will also be live painting from a number of talented artists including another female shredder Vanessa Stark. Good deal!

You can check out Makepeace’s music here

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