Andrew Burns's ShipWrecked Episode 2 - Q&A + BTS Photos

Crédit photo: Andrew Burns just dropped his latest ShipWrecked episode and we have a 33MAG exclusive Q&A with behind-the-scenes photos to go along with it for you! Andrew Burns's ShipWrecked Episode 2 - Q&A + BTS Photos

Another month, another episode of Andrew Burns' ShipWrecked webseries. Being Burns' main cinematographer for his first two episodes has given me a unique perspective on how this dude operates, and let me tell you (even though I feel like everyone already knows this), Burns is one hard working mofo. He may be mellow when operating at sea-level, but when it comes time to get up high in the mountains and get shit done Burns instantly turns into a trail-punching, booter-building machine. 

He's had his fair share of media coverage in the past, and now as the media landscapes shifts towards digital distribution Burns has positioned himself perfectly as to ensure we'll be enjoying his shenanigans for year's to come. It's been a blast filming with Burns for the first half of the season, I'm sad to part ways but excited to see what he'll be bringing us as he travels up to the fabled slopes of Alaska. 



33MAG: What's the main theme of this episode of ShipWrecked?

This one is about Home, which for me is Whistler, shredding and filming with all my friends here. Booters and pillows for days.

Tell us a bit about the pow/pillow section. Looks like a lot of fun!

So one week it was super crappy out, mountain sucked, seemed like the backcountry sucked, but Beau Bishop and I slayed pillows with Cam Hunter for 6 days straight only spending $20 sled gas each, lots of hiking, fun runs, bro camming, and we were never more than a few KM's from the parking lot. Best week of shredding ever pretty much.

Any funny stories or mishaps during the filming of this episode?

Yes. To keep in short and not graphic, I had to relieve myself in the woods before a session, then you showed up with your dog, Luka, and lets just say Luka didn't come outta the woods covered in mud. Then a few hours later your cable cam setup and my head had a battle. I think it was a vengeful act on your part hahaha. [Editor's note: True and so not cool I can't even think about it without getting nauseous]

A bit more than half-way through the season now, has everything been working out?

So far, seems pretty awesome! Definitely lots of super sick riding days, filming has been good, lots of laughs and GT's... well i knocked myself out twice, my sled blew up, I'm broke still waiting for money from the fall, but who cares about that shit. Funnest season so far claim!

Whatchya got on tap for us for the rest of the season?

More kickers, more friends, lots of Alaska, spring sessions and superpark, and of course, SGT Argentina in July and August. Backcountry Camp. Get on it.





Morning Glory




Sometimes photographers get stuck in trees


Tasty pillows


Burns and his castle


POV Pillow screengrab



Another monster. Those blocks don't dig themselves!


The Cablecam setup

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