What to watch on Netflix when you’re stuck on a boring low-budget night

Crédit photo: flickr What to watch on Netflix when you’re stuck on a boring low-budget night
Even though summer isn’t over yet, it’s that back-to-school time of the year and it feels like a pain in the ass. Your tuition fee presages bankruptcy and all you can think about is: ‘’how the hell am I gonna be able to survive another year on ramen  only’’. Sure, it’s going to be hard to entertain yourself when all your money went missing over the summer, but 33mag came up with a prize of consolation for those snow and ski trips you won’t be able to afford this winter. All you need is a subscription to Netflix (or the password of a kind friend) and you’re set for our selection of fearless stuff to watch that’ll make you forget about how you’re really not balling right now. 

Bad Grandpa

First of all, Jackass is always a good idea when you think your life sucks. The movie starring Johnny Knoxville, Bad Grandpa, is available on Netflix Canada. No need to say more, you know what to expect with the guys of Jackass. What’s nice about Bad Grandpa is that it will probably give you some innovative ideas when you’ll have to babysit for a little money on the side. 

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And if you’d like to meet Grandma, Jackass presented an extended version, Bad Grandpa.5, so you can see how of a lovely couple they make.

Watch them here and here.


Just like you, Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is desperate for work. He finds out he has a true potential to catch on tape the biggest of crime scenes and makes his way through L.A. crime journalism with his creepy talent. The movie was released on Netflix in June, so if you were too busy taking advantage of the sun, it’s your chance to get disturbed by the spine-chilling acting of Gyllenhaal.

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You can watch it here


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This movie isn’t simply about surfing. It’s about the pride that comes along when you’re a surfer in Papua New Guinea. In a village with limited access to economic or educational advancement, the only way to see the world for the inhabitants is to get on the national surfing team. If you’re a documentary type of person or if riding the waves is the only thing you live for, wait to see the true passion and faith surfing gives to the people of Vanimo. 

Watch it here

Where the trail ends

Didn’t you just wish the riskiest but most beautiful places to see were just a bus ride away? Yeah, you did, especially now. What would you say about having a chance to watch the most experimented mountain bikers doing all kind of tricks all around the world on untraveled grounds? This movie will make you feel like you're defying death (while you’re just being a couch potato) and will certainly make you wanna buy a one-way ticket for all-together China, Argentina and Nepal. There you go, reckless youth.  

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Enjoy it here


And for the ones seeking a long-term commitment, here’s a promising series that will be released on August 28th (sorry for the wait). Narcos is about the exploits of a Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, also known as the boss of evil, and the journey of the DEA against the narcoleptic traffic. Based on true events, this will respond to your desire of entertainment and will make you an even more informed human being. Tell me about a well spent night! Also, just a little reminder that drugs is an expensive escape (and I’ve heard they’re bad for you too). 

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Here’s the trailer:


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