5 Wicked Action Sports Movies On Netflix Canada You Can Watch Tonight

5 Wicked Action Sports Movies On Netflix Canada You Can Watch Tonight

There's a lot of good stuff these days on Netflix Canada - with new movies and shows being added every day - and luckily for us, one of the segments they seem to be focussing on lately is action sport movies and documentaries. 

Here's five really well made action-sports based movies you can watch tonight that are sure to keep you well entertained!

Jake Blauvelt: Naturally

This snowboard flick is shred porn taken to it's ultimate conclusion. Epic pow, pillows and endless backcountry get destroyed by a few of the top riders around and it's all filmed in ultra high-end cinema quality. A true must watch for any snowboarder.



This stand-up paddleboard eco-documentary examines the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and it's potential impact on the pristine BC coastline. A poignant message told through beautiful imagery, this one seems to have just popped up this week and was a great watch last night.

Go behind the scenes of the Street League skateboarding championships with Rob Dyrdek and some of the most talented street skaters of all time. Well made and a much better watch that the cheese-fest it could have been.

The Summit

This well made doc tells the tale of one of the worst mountain climbing disasters in history on the gnar-bar slopes of K2 - considered by many to be the hardest mountain to summit on the planet. Well told through first-hand accounts and hair-raising recreations, you really need to check out this epic flick.


This amazingly well made movie tells the story of one skiers winter through unique and visually captivating ski and snowboard footage combined with some amazing little bits of storytelling that come together to make this one of the best snowsports movies of all time. Perfect pow, amazing lines and pillow, it's all here and all captured as beautifully as you've ever seen. Trust me - skier, snowboarder or niether - watch this shit right now, you will absoutely not regret it.

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