What Went Down In The Whistler Backcountry This Week

What Went Down In The Whistler Backcountry This Week

It's springtime in Whistler and that means the snowmobile parking lots are packed to the tits and all the crews are out stacking footy in the sunshine. I decided to check in with as many crews as, well, I could find on my facebook feed and asked everyone for a photo and a few words. Here's what I got back!

Andrew Burns
Last week I had a gnarly sinus infection, and was battling some extra shitty filming luck. Geoff Brown convinced me to join him for a sesh and we ended up hitting Forum step-down, which I have passed over and over every year and have never hit. It was pretty sweet to finally hit this classic (even though the snow was garbage), and we both got shots!" Cab 9 screen grab from Geoff's go pro angle
Jeff Patterson

Annie Boulanger, Elena Hight and Robin Van Gyn checking out the view
Dustin Craven

Sometimes the simple things make snowboarding awesome!

Chad Chomlack


Matt belies checking his landing as the light gets better and better. That time of year.
Hana Beaman and Helen Schettini journeying the distance to get untracked goods.
Justin Lamoureux

2 days touring on the duffy lake with Dave B and Garry Pendygrasse

Did the spearhead traverse in a day and rode the N face of fitzsimmons  halfway through. It's the big shaded face on the far away shot (the run keeps going out of frame down the lower mellow slopes) and the close up (fitz is the bigger face on the right) sunset shot is on fissile at the end of that day. 11.5 hour day..

Following day did a solo tour to go ride the NW face of pattison, n face of trory (both of which are seen in the kinda cloudy photo) and the main face of decker. 

Olliepop Films
Yannick Lamontagne dropping in!
Colin Hendry

33MAG Editor Brian and Cam Unger rooping it up

Brian Hockentein

One of the busiest sled lots I've ever seen ... it's not like the old days!

Photog Jeff Patterson loading up in his unusual sled whip!

Cam Unger taking in the view of some heavy terrain.

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