Make Your Own Homemade Protein Energy Balls for the Mountain

Make Your Own Homemade Protein Energy Balls for the Mountain

Let’s face it, food on the hill isn’t extremely cheap, and you have to stop riding to go in and eat it. Preparing yourself for a big day on the hill by packing some energy boosting nutrient dense snacks is a sure fire way to increase your shred time and make you feel great. Trail mix is a good call but can get pretty boring and packing bigger items will bulk your gear up and smush all the goodness packed in a sandwich or muffin. These energy packed protein balls are perfect for taking on the hill, and they last for over a month in the freezer (they’ll never last that long). Just take a few out before the shred and keep ‘em in a sandwich bag in your pocket. They’re full of healthy fats, whole grains for energy, and protein to keep you going all day. Not ot mention by making these and not eating pre made snacks in the chalet you're keeping your hard earned bucks in your pocket. 
All you need is a blending appliance (food processor, blender or magic bullet will do) and some mixing bowls.

Makes 25 balls 

1.5 cups whole rolled oats
12 dates - Soak for 20 minutes before blending to soften them up, if you’re impatient just soak in boiling water for a minute before blending.
½ cup almond butter (any other nut butter will do, try to stay away from peanut butter)
3-5 tbsp filtered water
2 scoops (1/2 cup) vegetarian vanilla flavoured protein powder 
1 tablespoon matcha powder (optional, adds an extra energy boost)
¼ cup almond pieces (chop with a knife or process in blender)
½ cup chia seeds
¼ hemp hearts
¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut
¼  tsp rock salt
Mix all your dry ingredients (other than the shredded coconut) in a mixing bowl.
In a magic bullet, small blender, or food processor blend the dates and 2 tbsp of water until it forms a paste. Add to almond butter and mix well.
Add your almond butter/date paste and mix with your dry ingredients, don’t be scared to get in there with your hands, they’re work well. Just make sure they’re clean! If the mixture is too dry at a tbsp of water at a time to help it bind, if it’s too wet add a few more oats.
When you’re done mixing line a baking sheet with parchment paper.  Have a small bowl/plate set aside filled with the shredded coconut. Roll the mix into balls between your hands then roll in the shredded unsweetened coconut.  Place balls on the baking sheet. When you’re all done with your mix throw the baking sheet of energy balls into the freezer to set. After 10 minutes of setting transfer them to an airtight container or freezer bag. They’re good to eat right out of the freezer.  

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