BUSTED!! Big Time Designer Jeremy Scott Admits He Stole Santa Cruz Artwork

BUSTED!! Big Time Designer Jeremy Scott Admits He Stole Santa Cruz Artwork

Back in February news broke that Jim Phillips, the son of legendary illustrator Jimbo Phillips and a hell of an artist himself, had noticed that fashion designer Jeremy Scott had stolen and used without permission some of his dad's, and his, artwork as part of his Fall/Winter 2013 collection which had just been shown at New York's Fashion Week. 

 One look?!

After noticing the apparent infringement and hoping for a friendly and quick resolution - which of course did not happen, god forbid anything should be easy in this world - lawyers were called and designer Scott went silent. 

Finally, after more than six months Scott has finally released a statement admitting his wrongdoings and apparently is destroying all the good in question (couldn't they have been donated somewhere?!).

From Jeremy Scott:

“I regret that certain pieces of my February 2013 Fall Winter fashion line incorporated imagery that was similar to images owned by NHS and Messrs. Phillips. I now recognize my mistake and out of respect to their work and their rights, the clothing and handbags at issue will not be produced or distributed.”

NHS's (Santa Cruz's parent company) Bob Denike on the settlement:

“We have to protect our intellectual property and trademarks, copyrights and brands and we have to stand behind our artists and skateboarders. Jeremy Scott admits to what he did and agreed to have all the items retrieved and destroyed. He states that in a press release, and I do not think that was easy for him to agree to do.” On the question whether or not there was also a financial compensation in place Denike responds: “No comment on the financial aspects of the settlement.”

When will people realize that they cannot steal artwork? Never mind the fact that's it's just plain evil, it also seems a bit dumb and naive to think you could ever get away with something like this in this connected age!

I can see it now ... 

Scott: Look at these neat-o graphics I found online, let's just use these instead of wasting time creating our own.

Assitant: But, ummm, wouldn't that be stealing?

Scott: Steal from a skateboarder? Who fucking cares what some kid think! Now get me another goddamn coffee with less foam! Are you not aware that I get farty and bloated with a foamy latte?

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