@Vintageboards' Top 10 Iconic Snowboards

@Vintageboards' Top 10 Iconic Snowboards

Snowboard photographer Jeff Patterson has a serious addiction to collecting old snowboards. Here he lines up his top ten favourites from the 70s to the 90s and runs down why each is such a classic:

OK, here are 10 boards that I really am stoked to own.  In no order of importance, each one holds a spot for me and I'm very stoked to have them, and share them. ( Although the "mustard and Ketchup" Craig Kelly Mystery Air probably sits on my lists #1 spot)

One day I'll have a house and get to have them all displayed properly, instead of sitting boxed up in storage.  You can follow my "collections" on instagram @vintageboards

And if any of you happen to have an old gem tucked away, or find one at a garage sale - i'd love to take a look!!  So fire me an email!

1987 Burton Air - the start of the Burton AIR series. I always wanted this board from the first time I saw it.

 1986/87 Cruzer 165 swallowtail - later this topsheet design was remade / used by Brushie in 1995 with his pro model deck the "cruzin 53" ( That should also be on this list, but I had to limit it to 10)

1989 BURTON MYSTERY AIR - in the 1989 Burton Catalog, instead of a photo of this board there was a photo of a wooden crate with “Top Secret” on it named the Mystery Air. It was Craig Kelly’s pro model with Burton, but due to the legal dispute with SIMS at the time, Craig could not put his name on the board. ( although a few did get released with his signature, most were black)

1995 Burton "THE 152" - Terje Another iconic graphic. A cartoon drawing of Brushies dog on the top pissing itself, and the Sprocking Cat on the base. Legendary.

1984 Burton Performer "competition" had a p-tex base instead of fiberglassed wood on the regular performer model.  Mikey Rencz brought it down to the annual sales meetings a few years back to get Jake to sign it for me.

1993? Jon Boyer Barfoot -  A great Graphic from a fellow Ginger, and Canadian Snowboarding Legend. Boyer always had awesome graphics.

1990 CRAIG KELLY MYSTERY AIR - This was Craig Kelly’s first official Pro Model, The first Burton I bought brand new, and one of my first boards  Craig was the first rider to get his own pro model with Burton.

1986 SIMS 1500 FE swallowtail -  This board I had in storage for years ( I think 12) .. its topsheet was abused and neglected beyond recognition.  I was able to "refurbish" it back to its former glory and a space on my wall thanks to some very cool people at Sims!

1994 Burton Haakon Air -  One of my favorite graphics of all time.  This one sits special since it was a very rare "pre-released" version that had Terje's name on the sword, something that was not on the later models produced.

1995 SIMS NOAH SALASNEK - Noah's Ark,  another unforgettable graphic from the past, Noah had so much style. Everyone wanted this deck.

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