The Snow Date: a Male Response

The Snow Date: a Male Response

The other day while perusing 33mag, my attention was drawn to some insight from the lovely Magee Walker on the topic of the snow date (click to see that article).  The article set a firm opinion on why the snow date is a bad idea.  Regardless of my opinion for or against the subject, I thought that for the sake of debate a counterpoint argument would be only fair.  Opposite sex = opposite viewpoint.  Makes sense. 

Before I get into the "issues" Ms. Walker has listed relating to a planned outing with romantic intent, I must first establish some sociological abnormalities of where we live in Whistler.  Bottom line: it's a Sausage Party.  Granted, the ratio seems to get better year after year, and for that, all male brethren are thankful. Except maybe the jealous 40 year olds grumbling at this trend happening 10 years too late.   But even with the feminine influx, the ratio is still a good, solid 5:1 dudes for every female.  So getting a girl to notice you, let alone talk to you, is half the battle.  By the time we ask you out, we've got high hopes.

On with the "Issues":

Issue #1: Lack of Clarity

This one makes absolutely no sense.  Why is setting a time and date to meet up not a date?  Here's the hard facts:  unless he is brand new to Whistler, every guy has a crew of friends he rides with.  For all the females unable to differentiate a guys intention, here's a way to know right off the bat:  If it's just the two of you, he wants to get into your pants.  Pretty simple, really.  Otherwise he'd just have you come along to shred with the homies. 

Issue #2: Too Casual

I'm not sure there's such a thing as too casual.  In fact, wouldn't you ladies want to see us at our best?  For many of us, that means doing what brought us here and keeps us here… getting rad.  Not to mention you are out in nature together, getting face shots of positively charged ions of powdery goodness, endorphins rushing through your bloodstream… to me that's a much more exciting way to get to know one another than a loud concert or sedentary meal. 

Issue #3: Nobody Likes a Show Off

Perhaps you have been meeting the wrong men, Magee.  My friends and myself are genuine guys, and if we are dropping a cliff or hitting a pillow line… even a smooth backside 5… it's probably because we want to!  Because we love it!  And I'm calling BS on any lack of you being impressed - I've seen plenty of girls get a tingly feeling from seeing a love interest with skills that dazzle.  The female species even has a subclass of the most primal example of this phenomenon - the ProHo.

We men are a simple breed, it usually doesn't take us much to keep us happy.  If snowboarding is one of those things, then there will be a lot of time spent pursuing said happiness. We might as well gauge your willingness to shred off the bat.  Otherwise you might be one of those girls who just bitches and says things like "all you do is go snowboarding".  I know that you are a cool chick Magee and would never say that, but believe me girls like that exist, and they are pretty easy to spot after a day on the hill. 

And that is why the snow date is a good thing.

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!