Top 10 Gifs that Prove It Ain't Easy Reaching Master Level in Snow Sports.

Crédit photo: Screencapture/New Schoolers Top 10 Gifs that Prove It Ain't Easy Reaching Master Level in Snow Sports.

Mastering a sport takes time, whatever that sport may be. Some things are harder to nail down than others and Skiing or snowboarding are good examples of that. 

Sliding down mountains with your feet strapped to a board or to tiny and long "planks", is not in our original biological design, but it sure is very fun… maybe that’s why it takes a lot of practice to get good at it, and that sometimes things can go pretty awry.

So here is a collection of Gifs, reminding you that practice makes perfect and accident do happens to the best (and not best) of us, ha!

When trees get in your way…

Credit : Imgur
To se more about this insane crash, watch THIS video.

Credit : Imgur

Mountain View

Credit : Jaanus

When nature is just not on your side.

Credit : Imgur
"I Could die in an avalanche? Gotta' try to escape and backflip my way out it"

Credit : Imgur

When you are so close to nailing it…

Credit : Imgur
Actually, that's a win.

…When you were not that close, but not that far either!
Mountain View

Credit : Minus
When you are f*cking far from nailing it. Ouchies.

Credit : Imgur

Credit : Gifsoup
Ok, not real snowboard, but still.
And when you are just so in control in crazy conditions… Could not leave without a clear win, ha!

Credit : Imgur

Watch Sam Smoothy nailed this run here and in POV here.

What are your best ski/snow Gif fails or wins?

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