The Grizzly Den Release A Full Length Snowboard Flick Featuring Saskatchwan Ams

The Grizzly Den Release A Full Length Snowboard Flick Featuring Saskatchwan Ams

A week or so back I received the following message:

Hey Brian. Our crew, The Grizzly Den, ride for Adam Balon's shop PROPAGANDA in Saskatchewan, Canada. We just released our first full length video. Showcasing spots around Saskatchewan and interior BC. I am contacting you today in hopes that you watch our vid, if you like our video we would be stoked if you shared it on the 33mag site. We want to show that there are people snowboarding in Saskatchewan that aren't all about triple corks and the olympics, haha. Either way here is our video.  - Jaz Gatin

Personally, I cut my teeth filming low-fi shred flicks with my crew of friends before making the long trek out west and have therefore always been a big fan of full-length homegrown snowboard movies and the love and effort that inevitably goes into them. Many an aspiring filmmaker has set out to make an action-sports flick with their friends only to realize just how much insane work can go into getting twenty minutes of decent footy. It's not easy!

Jaz and his crew have clearly worked their asses off this winter and the results speak for themselves. A solid flick full of sweet shredding and some really legit tricks. Check it out for yourself and help spread the word - who knows, one of these riders may be the next Mark McMorris!

Riders include Matt Thomas, Nicholas Thomas, Anthony Thoen, Nathan Thoen, Quinten Thoen, Matthew Provencher, Danny Manary, Jaz Gatin, Chris Dziki, Mervin Ing, Brad Ruz, and friends. Huge thanks to Adam Balon at Propaganda for helping out the homies

Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!