Five Best Things About Spring Shredding & Skiing

Five Best Things About Spring Shredding & Skiing

Spring is in the air from coast to coast and that means one thing ... springtime on the slopes! There's a whole lot to love about spring skiing but here are our top five.

#1 - Layering down

Gone are the days of five layers of clothing that ultimately turn you into a shredding Michelin-man. Get rid of your pants under-layer completely and set your boys free! And a t-shirt or thin long-sleeve should be all you need up top. 

This guy took the layering down thing a bit far

#2 - Corn/slushy snow

The groomers and hit runs are all soft and slushy, just waiting for you to effortlessly carve beautiful turns down them or mach at top speed while those moguls explode under your feet. And then on the steeps, while there's no powder, there in it's place is the fabled "corn snow" which can be almost as fun to shred down. Just don't fall or you'll get yourself a nasty snow rash!

 Ryan Tiene sends it courtesty of a large springtime booter. Hockenstein photo

#3 - Party Chair

Now that it's warm out, chairlift rides become a lot more enjoyable as instead of bracing against the wind, cold and driving snow you can pull those toques, goggles and hats right off and get your chill on. And hey, if you end up seated next to a pretty lady she can now see your twinkling eyes as you lay your best lines down.

#4 - Bikinis

At some point you will see a girl shredding the slopes in a bikini. If I have to explain to you why that is the most awesome thing in the world, then I don't want to be your friend.

A nice way to end the day, eh? Hockenstein photo

#5 - Peak-top pops

We would never condone shredding drunk but there's no better way to end the day than a cool beverage on top of the mountain with your friends while relaxing and enjoying the view, warm temps and late sunset. Stash a couple on the way up and they'll be nice and cold waiting for you at the end of the day. 

Bonus #6 - Slush cups

Many resorts host formal or informal slush cups or other end-of-season events which are basically just excuses to get drunk and laugh at your friends making asses of themselves. Sounds good to me!

Have fun out there!

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