The Hot New "Graffiti On Girls" Book Will Keep You Warm This Winter

The Hot New

While out having a few drinks the other night, I crossed paths with Vincent, the founder of and somehow a week later I was the proud new owner of their first book, featuring some of the best photos from their website. I don't even remember giving him my address but I guess I did!

The book is pretty straight forward. There's a ton of really gorgeous photos featuring some really amazing street art painted onto womens bodies! And the ending ... ha! never saw that one coming! This book is a must-have in any street art lovers collection. 

"When I started Shriiimp™ in 2005 I never imagined it would take off as it did, or that there would be such a craze for it. The basic concept is very simple: most graffiti artists, including myself, have already painted on their girlfriends. Hence my idea to launch; the first, the one and only website totally dedicated to graffiti on girls. Over the years the site has grown in popularity to a current community of over 60,000 fans and more than 10,000 photos posted (and just as many not approved) by members from all over the world. With peaks of one million web pages viewed per month! The present book contains a selection of the best works from some of the most active artists."

    - Vince Prawns, Owner


Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!