Snowboard and Ski Completely NAKED With Valhalla!

Snowboard and Ski Completely NAKED With Valhalla!

It takes a lot of dedication to ski and shred completely nude in deep pow - but that's exactly what the crew from Sweetgrass Productions did in their latest release, VALHALLA! If you've ever ridden in a t-shirt you already know just how much risk comes with exposing your skin to cold snow, now imagine you're completely naked and have ZERO protection at all! Hahaha

Having seen the whole film at IF3 in Montreal, I can confirmt that this movie is unlike anything you've seen before in ski filmmaking. It's got a completely different vibe from most ski movies, and has all the elements of a "real" film - like a story and main character. It's great and you should really check it out!

You can find it on iTunes HERE!

Fore more, check out the teaser below!


Psssttt ! Envoie-ça à ton ami!