Best of 33: Top des articles random 2014

Best of 33: Top des articles random 2014

En 2014, on a eu droit à des nouvelles assez spéciales, une variété de sujets parfois pertinents, parfois non, ont attirés votre attention en 2014 sur le web. En regardant nos statistiques on s'est rendu compte (sans grande surprise) que ce qui vous avait le plus fasciné était 1- les nouvelles à caractère sexu 2- les nouvelles des Olympiques. Voici donc le top des articles (anglo / franco)  de faits divers qui vont ont le plus fait réagir!

Vans Teaches Us "How To Drink In A Bar" With This Hilarious (And Accurate!) Video
As part of their "How To Do Everything In This World" web series, Vans has just released this hilarious, and super well-produced short video explaining the etiquette of drinking in a bar with your homies.

Les pires fails des Jeux Olympiques selon CBC Sports
Tout le monde aime les fails et les crashs, alors voici les pires flops des Jeux Olympiques! 

5 DIY Winter Camping Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like MacGyver 
While unlikely to increase your chances of survival in the wild, these 5 tricks will make you look like a real rugged a-hole. 

20 Camping Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Music Festival Experience 
Get ready for music festival season with these tips and tricks for dialing in your camping setup.


19 Easy Bacon Snacks You Have No Excuse To Not Be Munching On Right Now 
Bacon. Nature's gift to man. Is there anything it can't do? Bacon has always been there for me. And now, with these super easy to make snack recipes, it can be there for you too. Enjoy! 

Creepy Montreal-Born Founder Dov Charney Gets Shit-Canned From American Apparel: The 13 Sexiest AA Ads To Come From The Mind Of A Twisted Genius 
It seems as though all the good times and boundary pushing has finally caught up with the chairman, founder and CEO of clothing brand American Apparel and controversial figure Dov Charney has finally been given the boot!

Les athlètes à Sotchi savent comment se tenir en forme dans le village olympique
T'es-tu déjà seulement demandé ce que faisaient dans leur village olympique les êtres les plus en forme physiquement de la planète? 

Beyonce Love "The Surfboard" Sex Position And You Will Too 
Apparently Beyonce's been singing her heart out about "grinding on her surfboard" in the tub and we got to the, ahem, bottom of what she's talking about.

Red Bull Freeze débarque au Japon et réinvente la pratique du patin à glace 
Première question: qu’est ce qui est plus fun que le patin à glace? Deuxième question: que peut-on faire dans un ice-park? Réponse: du patin à glace avec le contest Red Bull Freeze!


Canadian Riders Rip Shaun White After He Withdrawals From Slopestyle At Last Minute 
Olympic golden-child Shaun White has surprisingly pulled out of the snowboarding slopestyle event just one day before qualifiers. Does anyone else smell some chicken?


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