Summertime and the Livin' is Thuggie

Summertime and the Livin' is Thuggie

This past spring, I reviewed the Thuggie super hoody. In the weeks after I wrote the review, I pretty much lived in my Thuggie. Then, summer rolled around-- and it has been a hot summer in Whistler. My Thuggie and I agreed that it would be for the best if I hung it up and gave it a break until fall rolls around.

So here I was, prepared for a Thuggie-free summer-- and then I was informed of an epic invention:

The Summer Thuggie.

Suddenly, everything changed: the summer towel Thuggie meant that I needn't give up Thuggie life after all!

As the name suggests, the towel Thuggie is made out of towel material-- this is what functional fashion is all about, folks. The sleeves have been chopped off to allow for some summertime airflow, but the hood and signature long length remain.

I couldn't wait to try out the summer Thuggie, and I had the perfect opportunity: my family's annual Cape Cod trip.

Now, Cape Cod is a long, long way from Whistler, both literally and fashion-ly. While a Thuggie might blend in effortlessly in Whistler, I knew that it was likely to stand out among the sea of seersucker and Lilly Pulitzer. Nonetheless, I declard myself a Fashion Pioneer and toted my summer Thuggie from Pacific to Atlantic.

So here I am, on Cape Cod in my summer Thuggie, feeling ALIVE:

The reactions varied. I personally felt a bit like a Muppet, in the best way possible. I wore my Thuggie after a post-run swim, while defeating my sister and her fiance in a round of Kubb, and while catching up on my book club reading nestled in my beach chair.

My sister stated that it looked like an old person's housecoat, and I think it was my dad who said that the buttons reminded him of a clown. And yet, as I allowed them to try on my Thuggie, no one could deny that it was outrageously comfortable.

Much to my surprise, nobody stared at me, and I wasn't banned from the Cape Cod National Seashore. Not to mention, I didn't even need to pack a towel. All in all, the summer Thuggie had been a smashing success.

Check out Thuggies' new summer line to have a look at the different colour combos you can get for the towel Thuggie, and to see the other summertime Thuggie wares (perhaps more suitable to those not willing to be fashion pioneers). I, for one, am digging the merino wool tank tops. In classic Thuggie style, the colours are sensational.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here's to Thugge life-- 365 days a year.

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