Top 5 Post Of The Week On 33MAG

Top 5 Post Of The Week On 33MAG

Another week in the bag ... here's what hot right now on 33MAG

1 - Your Whistler 2014 Summer Bucket List

Summer is here: here's how to make it AWESOME.

2 - 15 Benefits Of Wanking It (For Both Sexes) In Honour Of National Masturbation Month

It's National Masturbation Month, don't ya know, and in honour of this glorious time of year we've compiled this list of reasons why you should go solo as often as you can. Take that hairy palms!

3 - Sasquatch Filmed By Snowmobilers In Whistler Backcountry

The fabled Sasquatch has been spotted and filmed in the Whistler Backcountry by two snowmobilers. Check out the video for yourself. Pretty crazy stuff!

4 - Epic First-Person Nike Soccer Commercial Directed By Guy Ritchie Is Just Amazing

Nike has hit it out of the park with this incredibly made commercial for their soccer products. Director Guy Ritchie brings us into the game like never before. The power of well made video at…

5 - Ontario Family Ends Year Of 80s Living With No Regrets But Mullets Intact

A Guelph family of four have just spent the last twelve months living as if it were the 80s in an attempt to distance themselves from all the technology invading our lives, epic hair and all


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