10 Incredibly Terrible Sunburns And Tips On How To Avoid A Similar Fate

10 Incredibly Terrible Sunburns And Tips On How To Avoid A Similar Fate

Everyone knows that excessive exposure to the sun is a terrible thing for your health, and in fact is the number one cause of skin cancer, but even then we are all guilty of not applying enough sunblock when we're out enjoying nature and the wonderful sports we all love. 

If you've ever spent a day shredding, skiing, or skating without sunscreen, you've already felt the consequences, but those who practice water sports have it even worse as the water acts as a giant reflector you can't escape from.

In that vein, the World Pro Surfers Association has partnered up with the Skin Cancer Foundation to spread the word on skin cancer prevention. With pro snowboarders like Shane Pospisil and pro surfers like Mick Fanning on board, this is a great project and will hopefully affect some change and prevent some terrible diseases in action sport athletes in the future by reminding everyone how important it is to stay protected from the sun!


Pro Tip #1:

Pospisil advises to completely cover your face while snowboarding to avoid the harmful UV rays bombarding your face from the sky, as well as reflected off the snow. A light and thing neck tube is perfect for this.

Pro Tip #2:

Fanning suggests staying out of the water completely while the sun is at it's midday strongest. And of course liberally apply sunscreen each and every time you head out.

O'Neil has even jumped on board with their Don’t Get Burned! contest. Get in on the action and protect yourself this summer at all costs!


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