Top 5 Post Of The Week

Top 5 Post Of The Week

It was another busy week here on 33MAG with tons of great content. Check out what got the most attention the past week!

# 5 Shaun White Comes Out Of Retirement After One Day And Lands Triple Cork In A Halfpipe Made Of Avalanche Debris

After getting the whole shred world in a tizzie with a vague facebook post that left many thinking he had retired from competitive snowboarding, Shaun White has fired back with the announcement that he has landed a triple cork in the pipe which he has dubbed the "YOLT Flip"

# 4 Michael Schumacher To Remain In Coma At Home For Rest Of Life

It has been three months now since F1 legend Michael Shumacher hit his head while skiing and it now looks most likely that he will remain in a vegetative coma for the rest of his life.

# 3 What Went Down In The Whistler Backcountry This Week

It's springtime in Whistler and that means the snowmobile parking lots are packed to the tits and all the crews are out stacking footy in the sunshine. I decided to check in with as many crews as, well, I could find on my facebook feed and asked everyone for a photo and a few words. Here's what I got back!

# 2 Five Best Things About Spring Shredding & Skiing

Spring is in the air from coast to coast and that means one thing ... springtime on the slopes! There's a whole lot to love about spring skiing but here are our top five.

# 1 Flow 101: The 4% Rule

Flow is the secret to living a higher existence and with the help of The Rise Of Supermanauthor Steven Kotler, we're bringing you a few simple concepts to get you on the fast track to accessing that state.


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