Create Your Own Olympic Snowboard Pool

Create Your Own Olympic Snowboard Pool

It’s coming and there is nothing you can do about it.

Love it or HATE it “freestyle snowboarding” is in the winter Olympics. While mainstream sports fans love the high flying aerial stunts, people who appreciate all aspects of snowboarding may find it a bit much.

How do you maintain interest when all you hear about is the flying tomato chucking carcass?

Bet on it.

Where you might have set the PVR or watched highlights, you will be booking time off work or staying up all night to see it live. Pick your favourite riders or look at FIS results and find some up and comers. If you really want to geek out include all disciplines. There are 5 different events for both men and women. It would require a bit more research but let’s be honest, you’ve got the time.

You and your friends can easily set up and run your own Olympic Snowboard Pool. Here are some tips on how to run it, and make it extra fun.

Establish a buy in. The more people, the bigger the pot.

Sign up friends. Whether your best riding buds, or local shop boys.

Pick your boarders. Best done together, pick numbers out of a hat and select riders until everyone has the same amount. Repeat this for as many disciplines as you choose.

Assign a point system. Don’t forget to include bonus points for fun stuff like greasy party pictures being leaked or getting disqualified for second hand smoke.

Sit back and watch the show. I suggest having a group chat to keep tabs and smack talk.

So instead of blowing it off and complaining, make it into a fun game! You might win some cash and you will enjoy watching competitive snowboarding.


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