Bondi Beach - Surf & Skate Your Troubles Away

Bondi Beach - Surf & Skate Your Troubles Away

A week ago I received a message online from Graziano from "The Horsefield Crew". He pointed me to a wonderful surf and skate edit one of his buddy's had just dropped from a trip to Australia. Upon review, I realized that not only was I thoroughly entertained, I was even more intrigued as to what was so magical about this place as to inspire such a wonderful short film. What I got back in response to my inquiries was as much poetry as information but great to read nonetheless.

From Graziano:

We run movies of longboard, surf, snowboards... and last week we have published a new surf and lifestyle video of Bondi beach...It's filmed and edited completely By Michele Catena, who spent a year in Bondi Beach and decided to remember it with this artwork.

Bondi Beach, so dear to me. Make sure you end up there at least once in your life. What a marvellous place. A place that heals your soul and equates any kind of person. Doesn’t matter the job you have, the money you make, the race you are or the beliefs you have. If something troubles you, be sure that after a stroll, a run, some surf or a barbecue among friends, you will feel way more cheerful. It feels so good to be in tune with nature even when you live in an urban place. No bias against anybody, always ready to spark up a conversation with a stranger who will shortly be your new friend. Finding time for yourself. Sit somewhere to stare at the horizon. Meditate. Feeling small in front of the ocean but feeling almighty when you control it. Bondi makes you feel alive every second of your life.




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